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Reneauds, AVS Forum

 I dealt with Alex, super nice guy and walked me through the install steps. Plus there were QR codes to illustrate. Boy am I glad I got their mount! You don’t really realize how big and heavy the new projector is not how awkward it is to lift it up. Clicks in easily and then adjustable and VERY secure. Thanks and I’d totally recommend their products. And at a fraction of the price of their bigger names competitor.

1NT0_darkness, AVS Forum

Another satisfied owner here. Whilst looking similar to the Chief RPA the Engage mount is a thicker gauge steel. The JVC set up allows for eight points of attachment for assurance. Congrats to Eric and the team the mount has a first class fit and finish and the pricing beat whats available here in the UK. Well pleased mate.

Steve Johnson, Sony, JVC, & Epson owner

It's a great product! My first projector was a Sony 4K 3D projector, the mount was a perfect fit. I also bought an Epson 3800 a few days ago to serve as a stopgap until my new JVC DLA-NZ8/RS3100 arrives. I used the same mount to hang the Epson, and again it was a perfect fit. I am now ordering a 2nd mount for my new JVC projector. I love that this mount is so universal and the customer service has been great