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Video Projector Ceiling Mounts -
Engage Classic, HT, & HT Pro


JVC, SONY, & EPSON Compatible

JVC NZ9 HT Pro.jpg
Compare Models.jpg
Ceiling Sony Proj 2.jpg
Mount on Epson 3800.jpg
Sony Mount.jpg
Newport Epson 7_edited.jpg

Big advantages over our competition

  • Higher load rating with plenty of margin for the new, heavier projectors

  • Lowest profile projector mount available able to safely mount over 50 lbs. 

  • Stronger too. No plastic adjustment gears to strip

  • All adjustment and installation tools included

  • Broader range of pitch & roll adjustments to get your projector level

  • More clearance above and below mounting plate for wiring and airflow

  • Slots for securing streaming sticks. Cable ties included

  • Proper length and quantity of projector attachment screws and spacers provided

  • Easy to understand installation instructions available for download here.

  • There are compromises with using universal mounts. They are not very strong to begin with. Also consider how it will fit your projector. Some are not as Universal as they claim.


How to order

Due to rising Amazon fees, the prices of our mounts have increased when purchasing via Amazon. Our ceiling mounts are still offered at their lowest prices directly through our website. If you're ordering through our website, we offer same day shipping for orders placed before 3pm M-F.

No sales tax if by Direct Purchase and shipping to a non-California address

Shipping to Canada is available, but whether you buy here or through, you will be paying import fees. Please pay those fees, otherwise you will only be given a partial refund.

We now have come out with 3 levels of our mount; Classic, HT, & HT Pro. 

They all have the same compatibility to the various projectors, but are now defined by their weight carrying capacity. Please see the comparison chart above.

All 3 products have JVC and Sony compatible screw kits included. If you are mounting up an Epson, then you can purchase the screw kit for that separately here. 

Customer Service: 

Email our Operations Manager, Alex, if you have specific purchasing questions

For technical questions, he may direct you to the helpful links below or connect you to Engineering. 

You can purchase through Amazon Prime below

Due to demand, our Classic is now only sold through our online website or by calling direct.

I hate to ask this, but if you order from Amazon, can you rate us with stars or a review?

We really want to know if we're getting it right for our customers. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

JVC Install Pictures

Installation instructions

Sony Install Pictures

Strength test pictures & video

Ceiling Test results we recently performed for a customer.

Drawing of CG position in relation to the JVC mounting holes & pipe

This is an overlay of the ceiling mount onto the underside of a JVC NZ Series projector.  

Mounting accessories you may need that are NOT included

Every install is a little different. You may need to drop it down from the ceiling a specific amount and to do this, you will need to purchase a couple more parts. Possibly a threaded pipe that is 1.5” NPT at the length you need, and an adapter to go from this pipe to your ceiling. Below, are some links that will help you find these parts. They usually come with instructions, screws, and tools to help you with this part of the install

threaded pipe.png

Threaded pipe, 1.5" NPT

Lengths specific to your install

Ceiling adapter

Accepts threaded pipe, 1.5" NPT

About these items

  • Maximum Weight Capacities: See chart above

  • Heavy duty steel

  • This ceiling mount kit has been developed for most video projectors made by JVC, Sony, and Epson. Please see the compatibility table here

  • Compatible with all RS, VS, NX, NZ, NP5, & X Series JVC Video projectors, including the new, heavier, laser projectors.

  • It is an all steel construction for high strength, durability, and reliability. Black powder coat finish for long lasting good looks.

  • All tools necessary for attachment to your projector are included.

  • The HT Pro includes upgrades not found from other mount manufacturers.

  • The easy hook helps the install process and has been reviewed and tested by industry professionals.

  • Ceiling mounting by NPT pipe or lag screws

  • This mount installs directly onto the industry standard 1.5” NPT pipe or to your wood joists. It is compatible with other manufacturers specialty ceiling plates as well. 

  • The extra holes and slots on the plate and the included tie wraps are so you can mount your streaming sticks, cable box, etc up with the projector without fear of them dangling or falling from the ceiling onto your head.

  • Easier cable routing for a cleaner look.

  • Easy adjust of the pitch and roll is done with the included wrench. Each of the 8 steel screws that secure the positioning system hold well over 1000 lb. each. That projector will stay aligned and is not going to move once you tighten those screws.

  • It was designed by American engineers and manufactured entirely in the USA.

  • Dimensions: 14.2" x 12.6" x 2.25"H

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