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Why Choose Engage Engineering?

*** Our engineering bandwidth has been fully allocated to present clients. No additions to be made until further notice. Check back to this page for availability.

We're easy to work with!

  •  We’re a small business with no red tape or non-value added hoops to jump through. Some contract manufacturing companies don’t make it easy to do business with them. But we do.

  •  Hyper-responsiveness to your inquiries so you can get back at it ASAP

  •  Experienced design and manufacturing engineering on site so you don’t get constant calls about the minute details. For once!

Tools that matter

  •  SolidWorks 2019-2021 used to import and help build your project

  •  Class 100 Laminar Flow hood for FOD-free work

  •  Dedicated workspaces for Mech, Opto, and Electro production projects

  •  Relationships with the best complimentary manufacturers in the area

They say info is power

But we believe that this power gets you nowhere unless it is ENGAGED. Combining constant communication, responsiveness, and commitment ENGAGES this power for use on your project. As you know, when you’re ENGAGED on a topic, things go smooth and fast. Time just seems to fly. We get your jobs done quicker, so you can ship sooner. And on budget.

Check out our Youtube Video to learn more about our company (circa 2015)

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