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Engage Engineering is a small contract manufacturing company located in Carlsbad, CA.  We specialize in designing and manufacturing accessories to the mechanical/optical/electronic field. These products are cameras, video projectors, night vision scopes, fiber optic lasers, etc. We have been in business supporting this opto-mech market since 2003. Our team consists of 2 mechanical engineers, an Operations manager, a business manager, and some super qualified technicians and assemblers. 

We are very proud that our experience, quality, and attention to detail is what earned us the JVC Outstanding Supplier Award. We are committed to continuing that with all of our future customers.

Engage Engineering is also committed to remaining ISO 9001 Quality compliant. We currently enjoy it's benefits of organization and structure. It actually makes our lives easier and more responsive to the variety of questions that our customers have.

Our Services

Just a few of our happy clients


Our Portfolio

NV Filter Shuttle


Design and build actuator to move NV filter into place on military flight simulators. We have built over 2K of these with <0.5% returns. Very robust

Digital Overlay

PVS 31  5.jpg

Design and build novel eyepiece with overlay data for PVS-31 Night Vision Scope

Military Camera


Align, bond, and test special lens to a sensor assembly to create a military NV camera

Precision Tooling

737 Max HUD.jpg

Design and build of tooling used to assemble HUD lens on commercial Boeing aircraft

Space Lens

IR3 Lens.jpg

Lens used in space. Optical design, housing design, and manufacturing tooling design done by Engage. One of our lenses even landed on Mars in 2021.

Offset Lens Mounts


 These mounts are used to hold a projection lens in the precise optical location to achieve the horizontal or vertical offset the system engineer requires to make the Sim work

MRI Headgear

MRI 1.jpg

Experimental treatment device worn while getting a scan in an MRI machine

Hyperspectral Camera


Fixed design of very specialized camera to make it actually function. A lot going on here, now it works.


Paranetic Motor 2.jpg

New electric motor technology. Future use on electric planes or drones.

Far too many more projects to list here. Some of the more interesting ones had to do with; Cryogenics, X-Rays, Semiconductor processing, Black out test enclosures, Integrating spheres, an IED blast simulation device, Optical Waveguides, Hyperspectral and HDR cameras, CF-252 (yes, neutron radiation), and even a project with beer. 


“The team at Engage Engineering is really first rate.  We have used them several times for the design & manufacture of high precision optical assembly tooling and each time that have successfully delivered on time.  While their quality and on time delivery is great, I believe it’s their customer service that really sets them apart.  Eric and his team are both very responsive and proactive.  They understand what we need to be successful, and they make it happen.  I highly recommend Engage Engineering.”

James Porter
Sr. Program Mgr, Intevac Phototonics

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